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Go on… you know you want to.

Nick Brittan. UK Marketeer and all round nice chap.

Sometimes a simple CLICK is all it takes to engage.

Nick Brittan | Marketeer

A simple CLICK is not the only answer.

This website could list my experience, career and achievements. It could list my clients. It could include a few case studies. It could hold testimonial posts. It could have, but it hasn’t… and it’s not a ploy.

I want you to question.

Questions engage people by causing them to think. Questions can call upon prior knowledge. Questions can challenge assumptions. Questions move people from passive listeners to engaged participants.

Why would I want to contact Nick Brittan?

I obviously could list why, but let’s just say that I am willing to invest a little of my time in your business without fee.

(This is the something for nothing pitch).

What exactly does Nick Brittan offer?

My focus is in helping both startups and small to medium-sized enterprises. I will help you focus and better market your products and services to a wanting audience.

(This is the knowledge pitch).

Is it going to cost a fortune?

You have an idea of what you are willing to budget. That is based on an assumed increase in sales or other business identifier. Now although I do not know your budget, I am very willing to discuss your marketing needs further – Call 07740 083325.

(This is the call to action pitch).

What makes Nick Brittan different?

It seems business is hung up on being different when they already are. If you are honest with yourself you will say “our competitors do something better than us”. This will then be followed up by “but we do something better than them”. I embrace my differences, will you?

(This is the question pitch).

thoughts & WORK

Take a peek into my thoughts & WORK and then give me a call on 07740 083325 for a relaxed chat about your business goals and marketing needs.

Nick Sign Off