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Looking for a marketing consultant or a parrot?

Looking for a marketing consultant or a parrot?

Let’s start with the parrot. Opposite to the feathered kind. These are marketing providers who offer no skill or effort. They parrot the same message as your competitors. They parrot the same message as their competitors too. You can read more on this at

What a marketing consultant should do?

At this point you are looking for advice, guidance and knowledge. I believe that you are more interested in what I can do for you to realize your company’s ambitions.

The heading and image on this page

It has lead you to this point. Hopefully the couple of paragraphs you have read (skipped) above will intrigued you enough to call 07818 301267

Video is a good explainer

Who can resist a video? It offers a quick insight without having to trawl through that boring copy stuff.

It's only money video

Brand naming, graphic design, copywriting, retouching, website development, video production, 3d modelling and more

Big or small projects. One-off campaigns, support or external input. My creative services and wide network helps you.

Consultancy will travel

Over the past decade I have travelled around, from Leicestershire to London to Halifax to Manchester, and now I am located in Lutterworth. So no matter where you are located, I am quite happy to travel to meet up. Might need a quick chat first though.

Use a marketing consultant not a parrot who follows the crowd

* No animals were eaten in the production of this image.