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Answering customer’s advertising, design and marketing questions

As a consultant I am always happy to offer advice on a no obligation basis.

Nick Brittan | Marketing Consultant

Design consultant in Urmston, Altrincham, Sale, Hale or wherever

The creative industry is one that perfectly fits flexible working. Today advertising, design and marketing agencies are implementing this practice bringing benefits to both employer and employee. I am a strong believer in home working and have successfully adopted this approach since closing my London office and moving to Manchester in 2012.

Don’t get me wrong, I still work with people and call upon a team of experienced professionals but without the overheads of running an agency. This flexibility allows me to scale my business to meet my client’s needs.

Creative services

Logo design and re-design

You may be a start up business looking for a corporate or product logo. Maybe you feel it is time to breathe new life into an existing brand. Whichever, I am able to deliver professional logo design to include full brand guidelines for consistent brand delivery.

Advertising campaigns

Creativity, communication and response. All the things you need from your advertising campaign. There is more to it than that though with space buying, research and channel integration.

Brand naming

You have an idea, you have a product, but you do not have a name. Not much to say here really. I need to discuss your brand naming needs through to identify the start position.

Website design

From a single page to a complete business process platform, my website design and development services are built upon a combination of creative thinking, responsive communication and proven technologies.

Packaging design

My career spans packaging design across food, pharmaceutical and industrial products where I design with in-depth print production knowledge gained through training as a film planner/platemaker before returning to the creative sector.

Signage and livery design

Often a signage manufacturer will have little guidance on how a brand should be presented. This may lead to the dilution of both the identity and customer perception. Look at any high street brand and you will see that their signage and livery is consistent. Why?… because these brands supply brand guidelines that give detailed information on how their image should be presented. This is where I start before putting pen to paper.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

There are basic starting points which have an effect on a website’s page ranking. For example improving the quality and quantity of content is one of the first. SEO is knowing what your goals are. Just stating being number one is admirable and if you have the budget achievable, but there is far more to it.

Content generation

Whether for a website, brochure, blog or new feature, content is what the audience interacts with. Story telling in its simplest form. Knowing the desired outcome I work from the desired outcome backwards to generate content that captures, informs and prompts action.

Exhibition design

Pop up banners, wall graphics, shell schemes and stand systems. All of these build a successful stand. I deliver responsive exhibition graphics focusing on the importance in standing out and attracting visitors.

Progressive web applications (PWA’s)

Lighter than a native Apple or Android APP. PWA’s are traditional websites that interact with a users phone features, such as text, maps and camera. A website can have a PWA version or a dedicated platform can be developed. One thing for sure, this technology is making moves on the traditional APP marketplace.

Prepress, digital artwork and reproduction (DAR)

My creative background took a right turn into the world of lithographic reproduction resulting in becoming a fully qualified film planner/platemaker and later scanner operator. On returning to the creative world I put my new found prepress skills to work in delivering exacting artwork generation and prepress processing. Today I offer this production expertise along with consultancy to a wide variety of clients.

Video production

Video is seen as being a major must have for website content in the future and it makes sense. As bandwidth gets even greater video is now accessible to all business levels. Google even ranks video as a must have addition to any website. A brilliant medium to communicate and promote your idea, product and business.