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Creative advertising campaigns are created by cool people.

You would think so wouldn’t you? However there is a lot more to creating successful advertising campaigns than you would think.

Is advertising a waste of money?

Listening to industry commentators like David Trott you may be forgiven for believing this. He states that roughly 18.3 billion pounds is spent on all forms of advertising and marketing within the UK. Of that 4% is remembered positively, 7% is remembered negatively leaving 89% being never noticed or remembered. That equates to roughly 17 billion pounds going to waste.

John Wanamaker famously said “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” Sorry John, according to the above figures that no longer holds true.

4%, 7%, 89%

Which percentage do you want?

The number one reason why advertising fails

People do not like complexity. People don’t like to think. People expect near immediate results. By the way I am talking about the audience who will consume or discard your advertising messages.

Startups and Small To Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are unwilling or unable to afford to engage the specialist skills required to research, plan, deliver, monitor and report on today’s advertising campaigns. It’s the number one reason for failure and the situation leaves them with little choice but try to undertake this alone or alternatively find a low cost fix.

Unfortunately, the odds of failure are stacked against all who attempt to manage something they do not fully understand.

Build an advertising campaign with a limited or small budget

When I speak with businesses about advertising, many recite the phrases “We tried that… it didn’t work!” and that seems to be the common denominator. 

Pay per click and discounted print advertising has been quickly adopted. It’s not too complex and you don’t really have to think about it. The unlimited resource of low cost providers also makes for a tempting uptake.

However, in our race to the bottom it seems we no longer work in an organised and active way towards a goal. It is more shotgun than rifle and at some point the bullets will run out.

Recognising your audience

According to the statistics above I recognise that my target audience must be left to go through a costly learning curve before they call upon my specialist skills.

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