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A logo design is for life or maybe not?

How long should a logo design last?

There is no time limit to a good logo design. Sure there may be tweaks and adjustments over the decades or centuries, but a good logo lasts many lifetimes. The evidence is all around us in our daily lives. Look at your mobile phone, think about your TV, laptop or car. They all have one thing in common. A strong logo that has stood the test of time.

I think you will be surprised with Apple’s first logo though! If you look closely it is quite a clever idea, unfortunately too clever, so it was changed to the good logo we know and love today.

Go on... ask me the #1 question

How much?

How can you afford a professionally designed logo?

A good logo can cost tens of thousands of pounds. Some do, but in the world of startups and small business this is both unattainable and unwarranted unless your business plan demands it.

That leaves a void in professional logo design. Luckily this space is quickly filled by the local printer, signage or digital company. They throw a logo in free of charge… result!

I am sorry but that is like buying a car because the dealership offered to fill the fuel tank for you. Sounds great, but then you find out they put diesel in a petrol car… expensive mistake!

The question should be “can you afford not to engage a professional logo designer”?

Keeping your logo away from the bastards

Apologies if this seems a little harsh. I use the word because there is a term “Bastardisation” which means to change something in a way that makes it fail to represent the values and qualities that it is intended to represent.

This takes place when an unknowing supplier takes your logo and adds a new strap-line, maybe an underline, rotates, stretches or in extreme cases take it upon themselves to design you a new identity, all free of charge obviously.

These bastardisations seriously damage a business identity. A good logo comes with brand guidelines for suppliers to follow. When something is not covered by the guidelines clarification and approval are sought.

When should a logo re-design be considered? 

The first thing to consider is why. Ask yourself is the original logo really so bad? The most important point here is not to fall for the same mistake twice (or maybe the third time). The cost of re-branding has far-reaching implications supporting the need to get it right.

There have been some epic logo re-design fails with possibly the most publicised being for GAP. This was quickly followed by one of the fastest rebrand turnarounds in history, just six days and an estimated cost of over $100 million dollars… Oops!

How long does it take to design a logo?

In all honesty maybe a couple of days for the graphic design element, but it has taken me 30 plus years to get to that level of skill. The other 90% of the work is consumed with due diligence, research, presentation, artwork generation and finally those all important brand guidelines.

Logo designer

If your local printer, website agency, friends daughter or far flung far east business is offering cut price or free logo design, my advice… give me a call for some plain old fashioned guidance. You may not commission my services, but the chances are you will thank me.

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