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Do all website designers wear silly hats?

That is a very good question, but possibly not top of the list of questions to ask right now.

1 thing you need to know about SEO, PPC and SEM

They are all important to search engines and social media platforms. Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and many more of these .com Goliaths’. They rely on businesses like yours and mine to pay for services and place advertising campaigns. Their growth and profitability depend on it.

SEO (search engine optimisation). PPC (Pay Per Click). SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

Seeing is believing

Let’s talk about building you a FREE no obligation demonstration website.

A strategy of page 1 or bust

There are many more successful companies not using SEO, PPC and SEM than there are using them. The UK economy is driven by small to medium sized businesses. Yes, the majority have a website, but many are outdated and have no or little optimisation.

So how can they be so successful if they are not on Google page 1? The answer… they simply have other sources of inbound traffic. For example a loyal customer base, unique products or other factors that differentiate them from their competitors.

Why bother with responsive design?

You may be thinking oh yes… that means a website page adjusting to the screen size of the device it is being viewed upon.

By responsive design, I mean content and layout that also engages the visitor for them to respond. This could be to pick up the phone, complete a form or maybe sign up for a service.

A website needs both of these responsive attributes to succeed.

Relevant content counts high

Think of a website as a personal assistant to your business. Visitors arrive as a result of some other action. That could be a search engine link or advertising campaign for example.

Why have they come here, what are they looking for and how can you best help? Relevant content acts as a personal assistant, it quickly answers these questions and guides them to the desired result. If not then they will quickly leave, never to return.

Modern websites are simple to establish and easy to build

I say this because I see the evidence every day from build your own website platforms to emails constantly bombarding my inbox. There is no doubt that if you are willing to learn you may pull off a website that you feel is good enough. How your visitors react is another question, but you won’t know until you try.

Are local website designers best?

Well yes and no. There will be a mix of award winning and one man bands to choose from. Each with a different skill set and charge rate. Local is not always best but it is where most people start. I am based in South Manchester, recently moving from Altrincham to Sale. So if that is a reason to contact me please do.

Who will build your website?

I actively encourage the opportunity to discuss your website requirements, whether visual design, content creation, SEO, PPC or SEM. The more business people like you that I talk to the better. It allows me to tailor my services and deliver proactive websites that respond to the visitors needs.

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