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Designers for a website

How to find website design in Altrincham

Find that using a search engine

A search is the reason you find yourself on this page. No dark art or secret I am afraid.

Why content generation matters

You would think that putting a site together is quite straightforward really. You know what you do, you know what you want to say. All you need now is someone to take that and generate your site for you.

Regrettably Google and other search engines don’t see that as being of any help to the billions of people using the internet. When you think about it this actually makes sense. Imagine how frustrated you would be if every search result link delivered limited content, gave little information or had no exact match to what you were looking for.

The search engine would be considered useless, not the websites. There you have it, search engines are actually trying to deliver the best results to the specific query. This is why content is king in the eyes of search engines.

Things to do before engaging a designer

Let’s start with budget. If I said to you that your website will become your biggest source of new enquiries it makes sense that your budget is going to have to be reasonable. If you did not want this then it makes sense not to spend a large amount of money.

Next you should understanding the goals and how to track progress. That way your supplier knows what you are expecting and can advise on the available options.

Armed with the above information you are ready to search for and interview website design companies. I would advise not to fall into someone’s format or off the shelf plan unless you are 100% confident that this will work for you.

Claim a no obligation project review and consultation

My goal is to engage in conversation with businesses looking for website design within Altrincham and the surrounding area.

By asking and being asked questions we can find solutions to meeting our commercial goals.

I am Nick Brittan, I am based in Altrincham and you can contact me on my mobile.

Nick Brittan | Marketeer

An evergreen site

Google and other search engines rank high on sites that deliver relevant and fresh content on a regular basis.

The website designer’s simple solution to delivering this to search engines is a blog, latest news section or knowledge base archive. All of these and other tools can be beneficial in delivering better ranking reports. 

It is natural that emphasis is being placed on optimisation and site content to meet the demands of the search engines. Your choice is to embrace this, attempt this or ignore this. Alternatively you can just throw money directly at the issue in pay-per-click advertising.

Whichever direction you choose make sure your website looks good too after making all that effort to get people to visit.