Local website design

Let’s start with local. It is believed people looking for “Local Website Design” will tap this into a search engine. Did it work, is that what you entered into Google to get here?

Expect to be prepared

I will not be taking you on the design journey you may be expecting. Alternatively, you work with me in making your website as unique as your business. Commonly this personalised service would be perceived as being the more costly approach. This is not the case and where I differentiate myself from my competitors. My role is to nurture your business and allow it to succeed in reaching its commercial goals. All without exhausting your marketing budget on a single website.

Website style and content

Styling and content play an equal role in my website development services. Where strong content is married with great design and targeted search engine optimisation for Google indexing

The internet is a moving target

Websites do not stand still. Search engines and social media platforms are all vying for your advertising with the promise of increased visitors. Although visitor numbers are an indicator, they are not the only measure of a successful website. One visitor becoming a customer has more value than any number of page impressions. My role is to ensure your message, presentation and opportunities are maximised.

Efficient management

Website management costs can escalate and become an unforeseen and unexpected overhead. Calling upon trusted hosting partners and domain registrars I establish accounts on your behalf for direct billing to you.

WordPress’ security, maintenance and monitoring

Often overlooked or supplied at an additional cost support and maintenance is crucial. All hosting comes with SSL, automated maintenance and monitoring services delivering assured website uptime. Our support services are optionally available annually or upon an individual incident basis.

Ever evolving

Unlike a traditional brochure a website’s content is ever evolving. Building WordPress websites upon a self-edit framework allows efficient content updates. All in the knowledge that I am here to support you if needed. I also promote a multiple website strategy bringing far greater search engine exposure.

Local website design anywhere

Offering a remote service there are no locational restrictions placed on my website design services. Although located in Lutterworth, Leicestershire, I have nationwide clients and more local ones in Market Harborough, Rugby, Northampton and Corby. Video conferencing technologies allow remote meetings to be held globally. Choosing a local website design business may be your first choice, but looking further a field may be a better option.

Using a website for business

A business website contains business processes such as a shop or order system. WordPress’ plugins allow the addition of applications to meet these needs. For those looking to streamline their business processes I specialise in developing bespoke and highly efficient workflows. You literally do more with less and the results are guaranteed.

Increasing throughput, eliminating error and automating repetitive tasks, an online business process website brings new levels of efficientcy and increased profitability. Take your manually intensive process and transform it into a streamlined application.

Where to start with a website build budget

Firstly understand what it is you want to achieve. Just wanting a website is not enough. Ultimately if that is your goal then here is a link to wix.com or even try ueni.com, both of these will give you just a website.

Websites have structure. Most follow the basics pages and areas format. Just because someone else does something on their website it doesn’t mean you have to. Realistically a website will call upon a large proportion of your sales and marketing budget. That is unless you are alternatively investing heavily in a social media or sales platform advertising. Remember websites are a window into a business and first impressions count.

Secondly, never ever follow your competitors. Purveying the same message and style will dilute your business’s strengths and offering. Unfortunately the stupid parrots always follow this path and take you down it with them.

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Local Website Design