Taking a closer look at this app explainer video

I am an app explainer video maker, I use a variety of production tools widely employed within the media industry. Now you may be thinking this looks dubious but hear me out. You really will receive the very best service for your available budget.

An app explainer video can start from just £250

This is possible. Even I can produce one for very little. Price is important, even though the content should really be the focus. Combining creative production and creative thinking you’ll soon discover that producing a professional video for little cost really is an achievable. Go to a professional video production company if you need the very best, but when there’s a balance to be made, try me.

A small selection of example videos

You might have already realised that I am not a fan of showing you stuff that I have produced for other business. It might sound strange to you but I believe in focusing your effort in seeing what I can do for you. If the budget is tight then I need to spend as little time going backward and forward and just produce what you are looking for. Even if you have a large budget, my focus is in delivering the very best results for your spend. This way you get great value for money. If you are still adamant then have a look here.

I can easily create an app explainer video

Here’s one I did earlier. It’s for my own blockchain DApp called, getTransactions. Produced 100% in-house from script to the final video production. This level of video can be produced within a matter of days. If I was charging for this the cost world be circa £1,000 dependent on specific needs and your own criteria. I think it gives you a good idea of what is possible when you call me in.

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App Explainer Video