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Why look at someone else’s stuff?

Why look at someone else’s stuff?

Be individual

Pretty pictures of someone else’s stuff is how every marketing consultant sells. This is born from an old sales method of showing off. I can show off too if you want. Ask me and I will happily oblige with big names and slick images of my work. – OK, I give up, here is some corporate stuff if that is your thing.

Question the approach

Question what you are looking for from a marketing consultant. Then question the ones that you like the look of. The ones that spout on about whom they have worked for are parrots. A true marketing consultant will ask you questions. Lots of questions and you want to be asking questions too.

One thing a marketing consultant will not tell you

Failure. They do not fail. They are experts that can bring your aspirations to reality. I fail quite often. Not in what I do. I fail in taking money from companies who cannot pull themselves away from following others. Be individual.

Blah, blah brand

Most commonly a marketing consultant will want to change your logo. They will specify a certain typeface, a colour scheme, a photographic style, and even the tone of voice. In rare situations this may be prudent. In most cases this is an easy route for them to benefit from your budget. Your brand is much more. Think of Apple, Nike, Amazon and other brands. Do they lock themselves into these things? No. Brand is everything you do, It is more than a visual thing. People choose a brand for the values they deliver, not because they have a shiny new identity and website.

Break the parroting cycle

Now is the time to escape the confines imposed through following. The value to talk to outsiders looking in at your business should not be underestimated. Business is all too fuddy duddy. Too stiff. To data driven. Too stressful. Relax and have a calm and considered chat.

Be Individual - Stuff Done For Someone Else

* You can escape the confines of parrot marketing.

OK…. I give in, here is some stuff that I tout on another one of my websites.

Some recent stuff…

I’ve been working on another one of my businesses recently… very interesting within the Web3, blockchain and cryptocurrency realms.