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I will develop an app that works

OK, obviously it has to work, but by works I mean delivers in all requirements. You know cost, timescale, support, and not forgetting future development across the solutions lifetime. It doesn’t have to be an expensive app. It doesn’t have to be a complicated app. It just needs your idea and the vision to bring it to life. The things really needed to develop an app.

How much would it cost to develop an app?

That is a long is a piece of string question. A simple app that collects data, emails it, stores it and has other time based functionality can be developed for very little cost. Something that has to run as a native app on a mobile device is going to be more expensive, but there are low cost solutions available too. So the string can be anywhere from a few hundred pounds to many thousands. All of this depends on how much value you perceive to gain from developing the app. This could be in automating a manual task or increasing customer numbers or product awareness. In basic terms when I am asked how much does it cost to develop an app? my reply is that it must be ultimately financially beneficial to your business. There is a budget limit you are willing to spend.

Are there cheap app technologies

Yes, lots of them. Goodbarber is a good example of one such builder. Yes you can develop an app with this but it is not as simple as it might first seem. Many of my solutions are website based and for good reason. It’s cheaper, there are less technological restrictions, it’s quick and easy to change. My advise is to talk to as many app development businesses as possible, including me, and get a bearing on what is possible today.

Can you develop an app for free?

Yes, but there is a catch, and there always is. Free services will restrict what you can do. To launch the app or use basic functionality you will need to upgrade to a paid, subscription service. Another often overlooked challenge will be faced when you want to further develop the app. As time goes by you will want to include some new features or user centric services. If your chosen app platform provider does not offer what you want you cannot further develop an app. You are basically at the limits of the services offering. It’s a risky chance you take when using a free service. If you go down the free app route you should always question what is possible now as well as the future.

GooglePlay and Apple app stores

Does your app really need to be on GooglePlay and the Apple Store? Possibly not and this is a good thing. Bear with me here, I am not saying that you should not do this but it will save you a small fortune if you don’t. There are available alternatives. They run on mobile devices without the need for users to download from either Google app, Apple app stores. The upside is you don’t have to pay the fees, meet the specifications or go through strict verification processes. This obviously eliminates a lot of time and cost when you develop an app. The downside is you sacrifice the ability to use the Apple and Android mobile device location features. The question is, do you really need these for your app?

Why you should always consult an advertising, marketing and design person when developing an app?

Have you ever been asked a question that made you think about something in a totally different way? It made you see how other people look, think, feel, react and interact. My purpose is to introduce the process of creative thinking to both start-up and established businesses. I will ask questions you have thought of and also ones you would never expect. It’s what separates me from my competition. I am not interested in making money from when I develop an app, I am interested in bringing your business success in utilising app technologies.

The development of apps and DApps for unlimited applications

Technically I develop apps and DApps (decentralised applications) in the leading technologies. I have this ability because I have purposefully build a large community of programmers offering the services I require to deliver the best outcomes for my clients. I market this through another website called, in essence this is every technological service I offer to businesses like yours. Remember marketing is where I come from. The application development services I offer come directly from a business perspective, not a technological one. This means you are using a practical, business minded supplier, not a company trying to blind you with the inner workings. For sure I know these things, but I also know you want to reach your goal in having an app that brings real-world benefits to your business.

Building an agile working environment

Industry now realises the benefits in building agile working environments that enable organisations to be more responsive to changing market conditions and customer demands. They promote a culture of improvement, collaboration, and adaptability. This ultimately leads to better outcomes and increased customer satisfaction. Agile principles are applied in industries and business settings, from software development to marketing, allowing teams to rise to the challenges face in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape.

Answering frequently asked questions

The top frequently asked question is “how much will an app cost?” my reply is “how much do you want to spend? The reason for this is that without an understanding of what’s involved neither of us knows the answer to our simple question. To develop an app we are going to need to answer a lot of questions. As with every business decision, the more research we do the better our knowledge. This allows us to make informed decisions and avoid costly app development mistakes. Contact me and I’ll answer the questions you have now, letting you get on with making a better decision on what to spend and who to spend your app budget with.

How can I create best app?

It is very simple to get what you want from me. All you need to do is call me and we can have a chat about your idea, needs and aspirations. This way I can get a handle on what you expect and you get a rough idea of the available options, steps and costs. Together we don’t just develop an app, we create the best app.

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