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Anyone can design a website

Yes anyone can design a website. Website builder platforms make it easy. Here’s the first question to ask yourself. Does your business design websites? If the answer is no then that should be your answer. Don’t get me wrong, if it’s something you want to bring in-house then you should, but only by employing a website developer. Would you get an inexperienced person to run your accounts?

What are the best website design tools?

Personally I use WordPress, not just because it is the world’s most used content management system, but because its has thousands of plugins. WordPress is just a platform. The plugins extend its functionality allowing unlimited possibilities. Possibly most importantly, because of it’s popularity it wouldn’t be hard to move the website to another supplier. Obviously that is not going to happen when you work with me.

Design a website mobile-first

Make sure it is mobile-first. This prioritises websites and applications for mobile devices before addressing desktop versions. The usage growth of mobile phone browsing is clear in the statistics. It takes into account the significance of smartphones and tablets, providing an optimised user experience on smaller screens. This is known as responsive design. It may sound obvious, but both old and surprisingly new websites fall over when used upon a mobile device. We have all experienced the frustration in trying to use a website that just doesn’t work on a mobile. Don’t fall at the first hurdle with whoever you choose.

How expensive can a website design be?

A budget restriction should not mean compromising your website. Website design costs are influenced by many things, including complexity, required features, customisation level, and the expertise of your chosen designer. Basic websites using existing design templates are budget-friendly, ranging from a few hundred up to a thousand pounds. Where as, intricate, custom-designed websites, particularly those with e-commerce functionality or complex interactive elements, will cost thousands of pounds. To ensure both a cost-effective and successful website, it’s crucial to understand the needs and financial boundaries. Visually you can get some inspiration by visiting this awards website.

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