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I make printed items that mean business

OK, which graphic designer doesn’t? My difference is that I am also a trained pre-press planner as well as a graphic designer and marketing consultant. To start, I understand print processes at a technical level. This translates into precise, cost-effective design for print where knowledge and know how makes a real difference in terms of quality and production costs.

To make printed items I make precise artwork

Nothing is more important than delivering precise, right-first-time digital artwork. Using the wrong colours, dimensions or file format and the chances are you will get a substandard printed item. Many printer’s have to accept poor quality artwork and undertake further work to make the best of what they have. Others just do not bother because of price restrictions. I believe in doing things right which means that when I design for print it meets the exact specification of the print process and manufacturers requirements. The result is quality. If this is what you demand you know what to do.

I offer a print management consultancy service too

My background is marketing design and prepress. This gives me an enviable skill set within the print industry being able to manage design, production workflows and print buying. When you need to talk print give me a call and let’s see how we get on. If print helps you sell your products and services then I am here to help you find new and more efficient ways to improve.

Say hi and let’s have a chat 01455 241405

Make printed items