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Let me design a pack for you

Packaging is a critical part of a product, not just in terms of visual appearance but also to protect the contents. All too often bad package design creeps into a business in a drive to reduce costs. There’s another way and it starts at the very beginning of pack design. The benefit is valuable pack design, not low value pack design. Consistency is key in delivering efficient production. Having to change the packaging and suppliers will drive quality down. Get it right at the start and you will not have to re-visit design and packaging production ever again.

Good design delivers material effficiency

Well-designed packaging optimises material uses which ultimately reduces waste. Designing packaging to the right dimensions and shape minimises the amount of material required to produce each unit. This not only reduces material costs but also lowers other costs such as transportation due to lighter and more compact packaging. Good design can also save ink costs where less coverage and depth of colours can significantly lower prices. Ultimately cheap pack design can cost thousands in production costs. Money that can be better spend.

What are the costs of package manufacturing complexity

Design is not the highest cost in packaging, however complex pack design dramatically increases cost across all areas of manufacture. Good design simplifies the manufacturing process. Intricate design requires more time and effort to produce, leading to higher production costs. Simple, streamlined designs are often easier and faster to manufacture, reducing labor and machinery costs. Understanding manufacturing processes, I will design a pack for production returning the savings back to more productive use.

How do you plan a packaging design?

As with anything, planning helps identify costs that can be reduced or even better removed. For example, designing packaging before talking to the packaging manufacturers. This will result in a re-design because the production costs will be too high. This is just one case scenario where the lack of planning will ultimately cost time and money. When everyone involved is around the table, or virtually in a meeting, each party can discuss how to improve efficiency and quality. Obvious, but often overlooked. This is something I do as a matter of course.

How to get shelf space

Packaging that maximises shelf space utilisation leads to cost savings for both manufacturers and retailers. Retailers will love you for it because it allows them to fit more products in the same space, increasing sales potential and reducing warehouse costs. As a manufacturer your also benefit from reduced storage costs. Retailers realising the benefits are more likely to offer potential discounts for efficient packaging. A win, win all round.

Avoid costly re-work through compliance issues 

As a professional package designer I take into account regulatory requirements and restrictions. Not understanding regulatory compliance and failing to meet requirements will lead to costly rework, fines, or product recalls. I start with compliance in mind no matter how small the project. It is simple to get things right as it is wrong. Ultimately you, the manufacturer has to bear bad design costs. Don’t assume an inexperienced designer knows what they are doing.

Why you should call upon marketing consultant design a  pack

I am firstly a industry trained graphic designer who then trained as a pre-press planner/platemaker/camera operator. These are uncommon things for a marketing consultant to do, however I have come from a creative and production background to evolve, through experience, into a consultancy role. I understand business thinking but bring design and production know how rarely found in one person. I am like my own team you could say. This brings a great advantage to my client’s. These include speed, costs savings and improved quality without increased costs.

When I design a pack I ask lots of questions

Most packaging designers look at comparative products and replicate in some way or form. It’s a natural step but not the most important. As anyone within the sector knows, packaging holds a high-percentage of cost. My task as a designer is to ensure the best usage of materials and precisely follow production requirements. This means no hidden surprises or great cost shifts through having to adapt to the design. I work with the suppliers to ensure the best results – we speak the same language of print production. You know what to do.

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Design a pack