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When to retouch a picture

The perfect shot is a very rare item in the mobile world. Although a quick snap with a phone may do many professional photographers take great care in producing stunning imagery. Sometimes there are little things that just don’t look right or need adjusting. Having the right eye fro light, shadow, colour and atmosphere is a must in image manipulation, skills I possess and which are called upon on a regular basis. I make images look right.

How to professionally retouch a picture

Today there are many AI services making it a lot easier to retouch a picture. Some do a great job, others, not so much. No matter how clever the technology there will always be a need for a touch up and this is where I come in. Cost is as important as quality, I understand this. It’s why I take the time to really find the best way to deliver what you want. A quick turnaround increases cost. Working at ultra-high resolution increases cost. At the end of the day you want the best results for the lowest cost and that is where we start the conversation. You know what to do.

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Retouch a picture