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Marketing services for startups and SME companies

Free access to decades of marketing knowledge

I am pleased to share my knowledge in marketing and design services with business people. Anyone can contact me to chat about their business. It is a great way for me to know more about your business, and you mine. Best of all it costs nothing to talk.

Marketing and design services along with the kitchen sink

If you want a kitchen sink pop off to Google and find one. You could stay and discover my marketing and design services. Having a long and varied career means I know a lot of things and have a lot of contacts. This helps you find effective solutions to your communication and promotional needs.

Search engine optimization and the golden goose

SEO is imagined as being the goose that lays the golden egg. Of course by the companies making money from touting it. Reaching page 1 is possible. Reaching position 1 on page 1 is possible. Do you have the will, patients and finances? Most businesses lose all 3 in a short period of time.

The connected online world

Business looks towards the latest channels to adapt to peoples changing behaviours. Social media, informative and helpful websites. Services and value added offerings. These all play a role in reaching and connecting with your audience.

Evolving into a business

A business plan shows a marketing budget calculated in 1 of 3 ways: –

  1. A pure guess
  2. The amount you are willing to spend
  3. Shown as a percentage of gross revenue

There is no golden rule. The place you invest is the most important factor. Get it right, and you too can realize the rewards.

The social media and website dilemma

Keep your customers engaged. Interact, communicate, inform and demonstrate you are a caring, eco minded, progressive and a trustworthy company. Sprinkle in customer reviews. Optimize for your target audience. No wonder businesses are in a dilemma. It does not have to be this intense to gain people’s interest.

Web3 and web5 as you haven’t heard it before

These are things that are being greatly debated with a never ending stream of explanations and opinions. In the real business world there is one truth of loss or gain. Blockchain has great potential but also risk through following people without question. I and my network are heavily invested in bringing blockchain benefits to business through the launch of – a blockchain discovery platform.

Bland marketing rules

More companies follow than lead. Of course there are always market leaders. Companies that claim to be the largest, claim to be the fastest growing, claim to be revolutionizing a certain sector. All businesses have the opportunity to lead. All too often people fall into replicating other’s bland marketing. My job is to show you how to avoid this cycle.

When you need help with marketing your business!

Building a new brand or looking to move your company to the next level? I am here to get you to where you need to be in the shortest and most efficient way. There is a better more responsive alternative to buying cheap marketing.

Creative business thinking

I look at business from a fresh perspective with non-traditional solutions. This has nothing to do with design or strategy. Through understanding the working s of your organisation I am able to find areas of strength and weakness. Areas that can be bolstered or promoted to deliver real world value to both your customers and business. This is where we talk or you read on or you leave.

Want further information on my Advertising, Marketing and Design services? Calling me is best but you can also find out more by visiting my services page.


To understand how far away you are from where you want to be. The way you get there will be through one or many channels.

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