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Unfortunately cheap marketing is predominantly bad

Unfortunately cheap marketing is predominantly bad

Let’s start with cheap. Please keep your money. The problem is that cheap marketing is the opposite of good. Poor in conception, execution and results. The creators deliver cheap solutions because it is quick and easy for them. This takes little effort or knowledge and brings no tangible value to your business. Effectively it is a waste of your time and money.

A marketing race to the bottom needs to be clever

Starting from a cheap position the end result will certainly under perform. Clever marketing utilises money to its optimum. Clever comes from the knowledge, network and skills of the people you engage delivering the best cheap marketing ideas. Get it right and cheap marketing is good for your business.

Return on investment (ROI)

Straightaway we think of ROI as monetary. When we put little in, little will be returned. This is true in life and business. The goal should be to utilise what you have to deliver the best ROI. This could be leads, enquiries, press exposure, increased website traffic or other key identifiers. Revenue is ultimately sourced from these and many more things.

Look inwards to answer the cheap marketing question 

Are you able to sell your products and services cheaper? How would you manage this? If something is cheap there is a reason and it commonly results in receiving something sub-standard. Cheap and value for money are two separate things.

Are you keen to be lean?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to squeeze as much from your budget as possible. No need to break the bank. This is achievable when you work with people who understand what they are doing. If you are a start up the very first thing you should do is get your business listed on Google. It cost nothing so it is cheaper than cheap to do.

How do I advertise with no money?

Simply give me a call and I’ll give you some free advice and guidance. Once you get going you then know where to come when you have an idea of direction and workable budgets. You don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of pounds to experience the benefits of professional advertising design marketing services.

The creative use of my services

You do not need to blow your budget in one failed marketing exercise. All too often I speak with companies who have fallen fowl to parrot marketing with little response from their investment and efforts. Everything I do starts from us both understanding your ambitions. I believe that cheap marketing does not have to deliver sub-standard results.

Cheap marketing is good

* No marketing budget was damaged in the production of this image.