Print production consultancy

Wait a minute. A marketing consultant offering print production consultancy? Let me explain. My career started within the Advertising, Design and Marketing sector. I then undertook a four year apprenticeship in Prepress. The grounding that has allowed me to design for the production process over my long and varied career and ultimately have the knowledge and experience to offer a print production consultancy.

Over 35 years print knowledge

I firstly trained as a graphic designer. I then entered the world of reprographics becoming a planner/retoucher/platemaker before returning to the Advertising and Marketing sector.

Print production consultancy

There are dedicated areas within the print sector, from publishing, packaging through to labelling. Understanding the strengths, refines and limits of each print production process allows me to offer in-depth knowledge to my clients. Vast amounts of costs can be stripped from overhead to budget through correct pre-production steps. Simple things like ink weight, colour correction, material and process choice have a big impact on production.

Claim your print production review and recommendation report

It is all good spouting on about something, but I prefer to demonstrate my value to a business utilising print within their marketing, promotion and packaging. Contact me and we can discuss what you print and how to claim a print production review and recommendation report. There is nothing to loose as it is totally free.

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Print production consultancy