A business process system is pure marketing

Always thought of as a creative service, marketing is more. It touches every part of a business from communication, sales, support to delivery. Get it right and untold rewards will be realised. Getting it wrong is something that should be avoided at all costs. Attracting interest that leads to a sale, that leads to a loyal customer is critical marketing.

Why a marketing consultant should build your business process systems?

You may be thinking this doesn’t make sense. Surely a marketing consultant is just that. A consultant on marketing. Instead I find that one of the biggest problems is that most businesses have poor, manually intensive processes that damage their companies performance. This is due to poor choices on IT systems that have forced an inefficient process that employees have to workaround, not with.

Error free efficiency

In a perfect world errors would disappear, but humans are imperfect. This is where the right business process system takes manually intensive tasks and automates the process by removing error and inconsistency. An IT supplier only offers the products and services they offer. I offer an alternatives without restriction on the actual application that looks to the best solution available.

Releasing money hidden in business processes?

Ask people how their work could be made simpler and you will find it is something involving your business process systems. This is where money is hidden, lying dormant, doing nothing. I find this, release it and ensure consistent long-term returns. Ultimately making money that you didn’t know was there.

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Business process systems

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Business process systems or business process management, or a more specific system such as order management or customer relationship management?