Being creative with just 10 pounds

You didn't get the fiver?

If you are here through a Google search you didn’t get a five pound note. The principle is the same though, so just pretend you did receive a fiver in the post and read on.

YES alright… I know, I only gave you a fiver.

My original idea was to give you a tenner. I then started to think. I asked myself, how could I get more bang for my buck? How could I reach more people? How could I do these two things without diluting the original idea

You have literally got it – £5. That was the answer.

One goal being realised

I am a creative thinker. Like all businesses I am competing with a lot of other businesses. It makes being noticed a challenge, but it is one that I relish, because this is what I do. It’s what I am good at. So in my mind £5 is a small amount to pay for your brief span of attention.

Say goodbye

At this point you have a decision to make. Say goodbye and pocket the fiver or say hi. Alternatively you could read on if that is your thing. I would rather chat now.

What is it you do again?

The first thing I always say to people is, please drop any pre-conceived ideas of what a Marketing Consultant is. Talk business with me and you will soon realise something totally different. It will be a marmite moment I promise you that.

Possibly just like this “being creative with just 10 pounds” idea.

Running on empty

Hopefully I have arrived at an opportune time. Your marketing budget is not running on empty and you are looking towards new approaches in developing your business further. If you have blown you budget my “being creative with just 10 pounds” (a fiver really) can go towards some kind of marketing. You choose. 

Did you like my being creative with just 10 pounds approach?

It may seem a bit extreme to send cash in the post. It may seem a bit stupid while you smugly stick it in your pocket and move on. The strategy is simple. It is an attention grabber, that’s all. Nothing more. No in-depth research, Key Performance Indicators or A and B testing anywhere to be seen. You will never see this again at any point in your career. I know I haven’t in mine!

Being creative with just 10 pounds

Something must be happening

You are still reading. It is not a problem. I have had to write this much copy to please the search engines so I will continue trying to convince you that I am worth a call.

You may be thinking 

What is creative thinking? According to the boffins, it refers to using abilities to come up with new solutions to business problems. It is a set of techniques used to view an issue from a different angle to then assess and develop a plan. Sounds all very highbrow indeed (the link explains better).

Explaining further. Creative thinking focuses on creativity and innovation. This is important because most problems might require approaches that have never been created or tried before. It is a valued skill to have individually as a person and one that businesses should always aspire to have among their people. After all, the word creativity literally means a phenomenon where something new is created.

To stay sharp a business needs to be regularly exposed to situations in which a new idea is needed and surround by like-minded people to achieve a goal. The process is made easier with the use of techniques. They help build the right mindset to provide a structure to reach new ideas on demand.

There is a set of creativity skills

Besides creative thinking techniques, there are certain skills associated and needed to develop the advantages of the techniques. Some include but are not limited to: –

  • asking questions
  • opposing views
  • communication
  • experimentation
  • organisation
  • being creative with just 10 pounds

Charity starts at home

You made it here without making contact. Has my “being creative with just 10 pounds” campaign failed? Have I wasted my money? Will you donate this fiver to charity? Only you can answer these questions. I will guarantee you one thing though. You will remember the guy that posted a fiver on the off chance he would get noticed. Hopefully you will remember my name, contact details and possibly bookmark this website. Speak soon.

Say hi and let’s have a chat 01455 241405

Being creative with just 10 pounds