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Does 1 website get you found

The question “does 1 website get you found?” baffles most but it makes perfect sense to have more

Your website will be in 1 of 3 stages: –

Old and tired
It’s not been changed, updated or looked at in a very long time.

OK but needing attention
A revamp was undertaken a while ago but that’s as far as it went.

New and shinny
Your website is up to date and now waiting to be ranked and start being noticed.

There is a fourth option but that means you don’t even have a website (Oh Dear).

Why have more than 1 website?

Search engines index website pages that link to and from other relevant websites. For example, let’s say a company manufactures pneumatic actuators. The website will list the products and also services such as inspection, maintenance and replacement. There may be a blog, a client area or even an online application to help clients with the task at hand. What if there was a dedicated technical website? What if there was a dedicated sales website? What if there was a dedicated client portal? What if all of these websites linked? How would they rank?

Affordable or expensive?

Like any business, when you have the opportunity to sell more¬† you are more willing to offer special rates, discount or reduce prices for long-term business. I am no different, so instead of offering to design and develop 1 website, I offer multiples answering the question “Does 1 website get you found?” with a great big YES! Not to get more money from you but to build a connected website strategy that not only gets you indexed but noticed too. Let’s have a chat or drop me a line and we can discuss what this would look like for your business.

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Does 1 website get you found