integrated designer

As an integrated designer I offer business a cost-effective alternative to having a team of staff with various specialisms. Having expertise and experience in a variety of areas across multiple creative and production platforms I am able to deliver greater value from the budget. As a specialist I not only have the skills, but also the vision to make it all work seamlessly.

Hiring an integrated designer

There are no real limits on how you hire me. I am able to work remotely, on-site be it as a member of a project team, as a freelancer or with other consultants and specialists. All we need to do is have a chat, so please feel free to call me on 07586 674558

Multi-discipline skills

When you are looking across the full spectrum of skills from brand identity to website to print design, and are looking for the knowledge and understanding of how design fits then I am available for hire. My qualities as an integrated designer are already in demand with a variety of clients including both agencies and brands.

By the hour, by the day or a contracted term

Being flexible, I am able to accommodate most needs in terms of rates and timescale. Always open to having a chat we can discuss this in further detail. I can answer your questions and you mine. It really is the best way to cut to the chase and get moving on your important project.

Finally, if I can’t help you can always try another Google search.

Say hi and let’s have a chat 01455 241405

Integrated designer