Regard globally conscious utilities

Regard: globally conscious utilities

Regard is the brand name – globally conscious utilities is the mission

When I was approached to create a new brand name, logo and website with a backend business process management system, I thought…. OK that’s a challenge. This is not something you just pull out of your back pocket, copy from a previous project or even have kicking about somewhere in your mind. It takes a lot of thinking and research.

Knowing the challenges helps

This is not my first rodeo, I already know what’s coming. You’ll need a both domain name and company name that are still available. Registering domain names are problematic. Anyone who has looked to register a domain name will know it’s going to be difficult. Silly names have become a thing, like Octopus Energy, Cazoo, Zoopla and my favourite Stupid Parrot – the reason is the domain was free. All of them have nothing to do with what the business does.

My greatest challenge is getting the client to think outside what they think they know and place faith in my knowledge, experience and know-how. I know how to do this and believe my past work speaks louder than anything I write here.

When does a thing become a thing?

You want me to come up with a brand name, logo and website. You have specific ideas of what this should be but these are not floating your boat. It’s why you are talking to me. The first thing I say is “step back, open your mind and let me figure this out”.

In answer to the question, “when does a thing become a thing?” it is when you decide it is. I can come up with endless ideas, but without you being open to listen and understand what I am presenting there is no hope in finding the right solution. Is “Oak Furnitureland” a great brand name? No it certainly is not and I am quite confident that the first owner came up with the name because they just sold oak furniture. So, please stop naming your company after your product. Ultimately it is not a good idea.

A thing becomes a thing when the people buying the things, buy enough to make it a thing. You can call it whatever you want, as long as it does not describe the things you offer. Regard globally conscious utilities is not a thing yet, but the owners are on a journey to make their business the leading utility provider to the hospitality sector.

Regard globally conscious utilities: the result

The company Regard Global Ltd was named. The domain was registered and the descriptive statement “Regard globally conscious utilities” coined. I then built the website and back office “Utility Review” system.

As always, Regard globally conscious utilities was first dismissed by the business owners. 24 hours later it was chosen for perfectly fitting the brief. My work here is done.

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Regard globally conscious utilities