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Mobile first website design development

Everything is focused upon mobile first because the world is changing fast. There is nothing spectacular about mobile first, it simply means that the website is fully functional on all devices screen sizes, from desktop, tablet to mobile. Something that was standard practice years ago but now only seems to be understood.

I deliver, fully responsive, pixel perfect website design development meaning your visitors navigate and use your website without any performance or display issues. The number 1 and first requirement I would say. I find it astonishing that the majority of websites fail this test.

So what does SEO ready mean?

You will find every service provider will be pushing SEO ready which in basic terms means the website will have some basic search engine optimisation but you will be paying more to optimise fully. To me this defeats the reason for having a website. You will want your pages to be visible to Google at the very least.

This will entail work. Work to establish a Google account, if you do not already have one for your business. Work to understand the basics of what is achievable within your budget and also develop a future plan. You can’t run before you can walk. I will place the tools and knowledge in your hands, assist where needed and introduce partners who meet your needs. This is about getting results not spending money with little or no guarantee of success. 

Design vs web development

May be it should be web design vs development, which ever way you say it what comes first – the design or the development? A great deal depends on who you are working with. A design focused creative will push the look, a developer will push the functionality. Both important, but the most important thing is to realise what your visitors want from you when they are on your website. It is no too difficult to figure this out as common sense tells you speed, ease of use and satisfaction with achieving what they visited for. 

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Website Design Development