2024 Local Marketing Support: a new start

Each year we hope for better things in the New Year. Last year was either great, OK, terrible or could have been better. As business owners we strive to progress and move forward with our plans.

Have you employed local marketing strategies before?

Local businesses like to work with local businesses, especially if there are cost savings, a need to communicate face-to-face or a specific need. Additionally keeping business close to home helps support the local economy.

Social media is the number 1 channel for free and paid for local business marketing. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, X and Linkedin lead the way with quick and simple posting. The aim is to gain followers through delivering useful and up-to-date information about your business, products, services and events.

You may very well have all or some of these accounts already. You are diligently or sporadically posting with or without a strategy. Some times you get traction, other times nothing happens. This is the Social Media dilemma and it is by design. You see the platforms only make their income from advertising which is why they naturally position you into committing to pay per click campaigns. Clever.

The latest digital marketing trends you should avoid

Not all trends are worth embracing, and some may even prove detrimental to your marketing efforts. One trend to be cautious of is excessive reliance on vanity metrics, such as likes and shares, which may not accurately reflect genuine engagement or conversion rates.

Additionally, the indiscriminate use of automation tools without personalisation can lead to generic and unappealing content that fails to resonate with the target audience.

Another trend to approach with caution is the overemphasis on short-term gains through aggressive tactics, as this may compromise long-term brand reputation. By avoiding these pitfalls and focusing on strategies that prioritise authenticity, meaningful engagement, and sustainable growth.

Getting down with the kids may seem like a good idea and to be truthful, if the person managing your feeds is young possible the reason for this strategy. 

Local online marketing

Local online marketing refers to the strategic use of digital channels and online platforms to promote and advertise products or services to a specific geographic area or community. It involves tailoring marketing efforts to target a local audience and engage potential customers within a defined geographical region.

This approach leverages various online tools such as search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing, local business directories, and online advertising to increase visibility and attract customers within a specific locality.

Local online marketing is particularly essential for small businesses and brick-and-mortar establishments aiming to build a strong online presence and connect with nearby consumers. By utilising location-based targeting and personalised strategies, businesses can enhance their visibility in local search results, foster community engagement, and ultimately drive foot traffic to their physical locations or boost online sales within their target region.

2024 Local Marketing Support

I offer businesses a way of thinking differently in how to reach the target audience. Tailoring strategies to the unique needs and dynamics of the local market may include the development of location-specific campaigns, community engagement initiatives, or targeted promotions to resonate with the local demographic. My ability to understand not only your business but also the nuances and consumer behaviour enables me to create highly effective and relevant marketing solutions. Basically, 2024 Local Marketing Support in the heart of the country.

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2024 Local Marketing Support