Affordable website design

Affordable website design may not mean cheap

A cheap website is exactly that. Something that is perceived as being low-value by the supplier. Would anyone really want that for their online presence? I think not. Contrary to this an affordable website design meets the specific requirements at the time. This could be low-cost, but should at a very basic level give its audience what they need, whether the ability to buy a product, research information or another goal. Do that and you have a good footing.

Should you use an online website builder as a stop-gap?

You know I will say no, but it is not for selfish reasons. It is to ensure your website starts on a level footing. It may be tempting to try to build your own website, in fact in may even be something you enjoy, but it is not about you. It is about your visitors and what they expect to see and want to achieve. Website builders being used by newbie users is a recipe for disaster.

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Affordable website design