Brand naming experts everywhere

Anyone can be a brand naming expert. It only takes some years of experience. An understanding of how to check the name legally. Some foresight of what gives a brand longevity and you are off.

Your brand doesn’t have a colour, tone of voice or font?

I am sure some branding expert will fix that for you straight away. The problem today is that everyone thinks the same. By all accounts a brand should have a set colour and many other pre-defined things. This is nothing new. The good old Brand Guideline books used to set some guidance on what was or not acceptable. It did what it said. It gave guidance. Today it seems commonplace to make your brand rigid and the same as everyone else’s. This results in brands blurring. None standing out and few actually achieving their vision of being recognised.

Take a look at my brand. I have a logo, the “B”. My logo can be any colour. At the moment it is black. In the future or for an event it can be any colour. The “B” symbol defines my brand. I have a name “” My name is my domain name and it is unique. No mistaking that for another.

Taking a brand from zero to hero

No one launches a new brand and expects immediate success. It takes a lot of hard work, skill, positioning, delivery and consumer appreciation to do that. All taking time. The first step is an idea, the second the name and that is where I come in. I will take the time and care to make sure your brand name delivers your brand identity and ethos.

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