Is it really a great idea to build and manage your website?

A low value website is a dangerous thing

If saving money is your priority then yes it is a great idea, but that should not be the only real reason why you should look to build and manage your own website. Approached the right way with the right tools and training and your business customers and potential buyers will immediately benefit.

Let’s build and manage your website together

You could use Wix, Shopify, Weebly or what you consider to be the best website builder, but I plead with you not too. On the surface they promise the world whilst in reality the ultimate goal of these platforms is to lock you in, slowly increasing your spend as your business needs develop. Let me show you a better way.

WordPress, Themify, RankMath and Formidable Forms

These are just some of the powerful tools that I use on my clients websites. Unlike a traditional website designer or agency who follow set practices, I want to show you how I deliver websites optimised for your business in terms of cost, requirements and future development. You choose the level of my input which slowly diminishes as you develop the skills to to create a website.

Don’t imagine what your website could be, discover what it can be.

Train to develop your business website

I establish everything for you using my commercial licences for the applications, services and plugins.

– SiteGround
– WordPress
– Secure socket layer certificate
– Themify
– Formidable Forms
– RankMath

Together we build the perfect website leaving you to manage it’s ongoing development. Don’t worry I am always a call away to assist and pitch in where and when required. You know what to do.

When you need more that just a website builder

Everything seems simple today. Why should building a website be any different. Well that’s what the purveyors of website builders profess that their services offer. In the real world, there is a lot more work and required knowledge to make a self-service builder perform.

When things go wrong, and they will

Imagine the scenario. Your website has gone offline and you are unsure what to do. First port of call will be the service provider. If you chose a good one you will be able to telephone and speak directly to support. If not then a live chat facility is the next best thing. If all you have is support ticketing then you are in for a long wait. I advise a thorough understanding of what happens when things go wrong before committing to a provider’s platform. After all this is your website we are talking about and there is nothing worse that being offline.

When you can’t figure it out

Even if I didn’t help you choose the platform or build the website, I am still available to help. A simple call will soon tell us both if I can. My role is to impart my knowledge and experience for the success of your business and it’s one of the things that I am really good at. Build and manage your website 1 time or you may be coming to me to fix everything wrong. Effectively a second build.

The first challenge will be communication, the second making a decision.

To make sure you build and manage your website 1 time make sure you don’t cut corners, go for the cheapest, quickest fix or call in an amateur. Remember your website is one of the major marketing and sales channels.

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Build and manage your website 1 time