What attracted you to website design for 100 pounds?

Was it the price? Funny that because that is exactly what I wanted you to pick up on. Now you have questions which are answered within the content of this post. This marketing website design is really easy if you know what you are doing. I have got your attention, now let’s answer your questions.


What will website design for 100 pounds give me?

The very first thing is a free consultation with me. I need to know what content you want in your website for me to start building the design. You realise that £100 is very cheap for a website, but I am willing to do this for you because I realise that I need to prove my worth before you place trust in me delivering what I say I will.

WordPress Theme Design
I use the WordPress platform and the  Themify Ultra theme as a starting point. WordPress is the world’s most used Content Management Systems (CMS) and Ultra is powerful, responsive and offers useful tools, amazing performance and makes designing your website simple. Additionally, and if you want, you are able to edit and manage the website with very little training from me. I would suggest to walk before trying to run though.

Formidable Forms
When it comes to building simple or complex applications there is nothing better than the WordPress forms plugin Formidable Forms – it is amazing. Anything can be built like contact forms, calculator forms, payment forms, registration forms, survey forms, directory and listing views. I have built complete business process management systems using this amazing tool. You’ll love what we can build with it.

I establish a SiteGround hosting account on your behalf. You pay the hosting directly at cost. I do this because I do not need to make money from hosting your website, but I do need to ensure the hosting provider is fast while also offering all the features and functionality that I need to build you the best website. Hosting plays an important role in how your website is ranked by search engines, so it is a very important choice.

Why is your website design so cheap?

I don’t need to charge you hundreds or thousands of pounds to design or host your website. I am not interested in the channel, I am interested in what your business is trying to do. I want to understand how your new website can make a real difference in moving the needle. A website designer or digital agency will not be thinking like this, because they are not marketing people. They do not realise that these things make the difference.

I want to give you an affordable introduction to my services. If I do my job right you will give me more work and become another happy and profitable client of mine.

You don’t have to do a thing with your existing website. I build your new website on a temporary domain meaning you can see what you are going to get and try it out before going live.

Website design for 100 pounds
Your site will have the starting pages you need including:-

– Home
– About
– Contact
– Privacy Policy
– Cookie Policy

You can have some more too. All you need to do is let me know what you need. Obviously you can’t go mad with website design for 100 ponds, but you will get a lot more than you would expect.

All you need to do is have a think about and supply your content. I am not expecting you to be able to provide the finished article and will help you with some free advice and guidance if needed. Obviously you can ask me to give you a price for helping you with anything. We want to make sure we are not just slapping text and images on the pages with the hope that something might or will happen. This might be website design for 100 pounds, but it shouldn’t look like it. No matter what!

CMS, Design and Plugins
I create a temporary website on my SiteGround hosting. It saves you having to pay for the hosting before being happy with my solution. I install WordPress, the theme and plugins to get the website ready for development.

How to get website design for 100 pounds

  1. Contact me for a free consultation
  2. If you are happy to proceed, pay £100
  3. Supply your content
  4. Review, amend and approve your website
  5. I establish your SiteGround account
  6. Register a new domain or change your domain DNS

What can you expect to pay extra for?
This all depends on you. If you need a domain name you will have to pay for that. Prices vary based on the extension where a .com is more expensive than a .co.uk. You will be paying for hosting, either yearly or monthly which is circa £2.99 per month. Any other service I offer, including RankMath search engine optimisation, content generation and form/application development. These will be additional to the website design for 100 pounds and always quoted before proceeding so there are no suprises. I don’t work like that.

Realistically website design for 100 pounds is too cheap but there’s a reason why

Just like getting a free Wix, Shopify or Squarespace website there is a catch. Mine is quite obvious. I want you to buy more from me, but not just to make money from you. My job as a marketing consultant is to develop your business to achieve your commercial goals. It really is that simple.

So while website design for 100 pounds looks appealing you should always consider the implications when making decisions about choosing or changing supplier. I am here to answer all of your questions, give you practical advice, not just on websites but across the spectrum of Advertising Marketing and Design. You just need to say hi.

Say hi and let’s have a chat 01455 241405

Website design for 100 pounds