Marketing with more than 1 website

It might sound outrageous, expensive or could even be considered as extravagant, but here I explain why you should never discount something before understanding it fully.

1, 2, 3, 4 or even more business websites

When you start to think of the benefits multiple websites will bring it gets quite exciting. Why restrict existing and potential customers to 1 website when you can have separate websites designed to deliver a better user experience and meet their specific needs. That could be 1 e-commerce site to buy your products. 1 customer loyalty website to keep customers. 1 customer portal for account management and support. The list is endless.

Users visit websites for a specific reason and to achieve an outcome. Traditional 1 site thinking puts all those reasons in a single domain with a blanket approach.

Business websites: a love hate story

Everything is moving at increasing pace, however it seems websites do not. Many businesses have one website, built years ago and rarely updated. Others may have been revamped or a new one recently developed. All have one thing in common and that is there is only one.

Some have other more worrying things in common too and those make visitors leave frustrated though poor usability. You know, the things you experience everyday when visiting poor quality websites. Hopefully it’s not owned and run by you though.

Are you a lucky one or one of the unlucky ones?

If your business is lucky enough to have a great website that supports your business, then you are 1 of the few. Most businesses end up with a website that promised all but fell far short of the promise. In reality the wrong developer delivered the wrong website and you are now paying the price. The budget has been blown. This annoys me because anyone developing websites should be aware that their actions have serious implications upon the commercial performance of the business they are working for.

Can you afford to ignore multiple websites?

I think you will be surprised how little it costs to develop multiple websites when you think about what is actually happening.

  • The platform is a duplicate and established in minutes. 
  • The design employs customisable template themes that can be implemented and changed within a few hours.
  • Functionality is added through low cost, third-party plugins.

So where is the cost, you may be asking? Each of the above has a cost, but those are known and managed.

How many websites could you have had for the cost of the one you have now?

This website cost calculator gives a guide to how many sites you can get for the price of your existing site. I’ll even give you a trade in for your old one too (we can talk about that).

How to

A. Enter the cost of your existing website

B. Enter the yearly hosting and support cost.

C. Select how old your existing website is by using the slider.


Obviously we need to talk about the types of website and their functionality but the calculator gives you a place to start. Let’s talk when you are ready!

Website Cost Calculator
1 x website
1 x website

You could expect to get this many websites from

Marketing with more than 1 website

It’s not really that hard to understand the benefits of separate websites, developed to deliver the ultimate user experience. The marketing with more than 1 website approach will truly make your business stand out from its competitors.

The state of marketing: a confused story

What is marketing anyway? How can a marketing consultant charge so much money when an office junior can do just as good a job. My reply answers both questions with the one answer. You don’t understand marketing. Might sound quite abrupt but my job demands me to be brutally honest about the situation. It really is the only way to get to grips with benefiting from professional marketing services.

I am a great believer of marketing with more than 1 website, so much so that I use this strategy in my own business.

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Marketing with more than 1 website