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No one can ever promise the increased results your business is searching for. If they do, you are going to be disappointed, realising you have just spent money in return for nothing. This does not mean you will never realise your commercial goals through marketing. It means you need to do a better job on selecting who’s doing it and why you are doing it.

How to find the best value for money business marketing service

At the time of creating this post the cost-per-click (CPC) for “business marketing service” was £9.65 ($11.91) and for “small business marketing service” the CPC was £15.93 ($19.66). Based on these values I believe you understand why I do not see online advertising as being a viable option to finding new clients.

The keywords “business marketing service” had an Ad competition of 8 with a volume of 480. In plain english this means: –

Ad Competition: This metric indicates how many advertisers are bidding on a specific keyword in a platform like Google Ads, Facebook or LinkedIn. A competition level of 8 out of 10 (where 10 is the highest) suggests a relatively high level of competition among advertisers. This means that many advertisers are bidding for that keyword, which will increase the cost per click.

Volume of 480: This refers to the average number of monthly searches for a specific keyword. A volume of 480 means that, on average, 480 searches are performed for this keyword each month.

These values change as they’re specific to location and the precise time they where checked. In business terms this is pure guess work following a suck it and see approach. Definitely not a strategy I want to use or employ for my clients. I prefer agile thinking.

I am sorry, I cannot even be bothered to write anything more on this subject

Here’s a good reason to stop wasting money with a poor performing business marketing service that champions online advertising or describes themselves as a digital marketing agency. If you need an affordable marketing design service you know what to do.

According to a study by the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA) and PwC, half of programmatic ad money is being siphoned off by adtech middlemen before it pays for a single ad.

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Business Marketing Service