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It’s difficult who to know or who to believe when it comes to search engine optimisation (SEO). This mysterious art returns mixed opinions and and very few clear answers. My viewpoint is quite practical and simply relies on the data pulled from various SEO tools.

2 simple checks to compare 2 websites

There are various tools, each offering different ways of looking at SEO. For the purpose of this article I am going to look at two basic tools PageSpeed and RankMath. The following results were returned when we entered our home page.

Google PageSpeed

The first is textbook utilising Google PageSpeed – a performance reporting tool that analyses pages on both mobile and desktop devices. PageSpeed Insights can be leveraged for website optimisation and better user experience and search engine performance.

PageSpeed Insight Score

RankMath SEP Analyser

The second is a tool from RankMath – this tool delivers a detailed report on the entered website. It helps find SEO related issues with actionable data to fix any that are found.

Https:// results:

RankMath SEO Score

Finally…. all this only really matters if you rate having a fast website with a great SEO score.

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Compare 2 websites